What is Club 40 International

Club 40 International is a nonprofit organization registered with the government of Nepal to set a benchmark of success in employment, business, and career development. That is a strong network of the professions where the member will have unlimited access to resources and opportunities.

What is the main purpose of the Club 40 International?

Club 40 International (I) provides a platform for high-level networking within a peer group of likeminded professionals. The main purpose of the club is to gather the most contributing people in a common forum of mutual benefit by bringing more head, more idea.

Who is eligible for membership or who can join the club?

Any people around the globe who accept c40 team & Condition are eligible for Club 40 International membership.

Shall we pay for the membership?

Yes, there are 3 types of membership plan – general member NPR 10,000 yearly, fellow member NPR 1000 yearly and Life time member NPR 50,000 at once.

Are dues required?

No, however donations are always welcome. The member can organize or participate in fundraising event personally or in a group for the sustainability of the club We engorge earning through project works rather than a personal donation.

If there are no dues, how will the Club 40 International support itself?

The organization is funded through the generous support of our strategic individual and institutional donors, special fees and find-raisers such as organizing events business discussion forum and many more, this will help I to sustain and support its member.

Why join the C40?

It is forum of highly professional personalities; the member will get an especial network of the professionals with especial career opportunities, job opportunities, business opportunities and many more for luxurious and decent lifestyle therefore to overcome each and every problem and challenges once should join the club.

I like the concept of the C40, how might I contribute?

Please consider joining relevant membership category as per your age, just contact our committee members or the Chairperson that interests you most through the references, links, and networks to move with us in the movement of 3H (Head, Heart, Hand).

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